SPIDI Step-In Armor technology

Three layer jacket. RE-INVENTED.

25 years after the introduction of the first ever motorcycle garment with removable waterproof membrane, SPIDI reinvents the three-layer jacket with Step-In Armor, a new technology that places the protective layer close to the body. The outer layers are lightweight, more casual items of clothing.

Step-In Armor revolutionizes the concept of layering. It’s a new jacket technology with protections on the inside, offering riders everything they need in a single garment. Motorcycle jackets designed with this technology combines 3 layers (Armor/ Soft Shell/ Hard Shell) in multiple combinations, able to challenge any climatic condition.



Step-In Armor jackets feature an inner net layer (CE Certified to the Pr En 17092-3:2017) integrating all necessary protections. This revolutionary concept allows riders to be fully safe even whilst wearing the lightweight armor alone, for example during the warmest summer days. The armor fit is slim, to better keep the protectors very tight to the body and reduce the protectors rotational motion during a crash.

Soft Shell.

The middle layer, a Comforce Technology thermal liner wearable as a stand-alone, features Windout membrane to block the wind while maintaining an extreme breathability level, thus granting a dramatic reduction of wind chill effect. Light, comfortable and finely designed, this casual garment can be sported whilst taking a break from the road or in combination with the other layers.

Hard Shell.

A groundbreaking innovation inspired by extreme mountaineering, the external layer is a super high-tech, ultra-lightweight hard shell protecting riders from the elements, without compromising on comfort or style. Handy and versatile, this water- and wind-proof shell perfectly combines comfort and style, thanks to H2Out® waterproof & breathable membrane. H2Out® is the proprietary SPIDI membrane, a windproof, waterproof shield, which is at the same time breathable, light, flexible with micrometric thickness, a result of years of co-operation into research in Japan with Toray®. The hard shell can be used as a rain jacket over any other multi-functional garment.

SPIDI_STEPINARMOR_4One jacket – Six possible configurations.

By freely combining the three Step-In Armor layers through a practical zip and loop system, riders can create six different configurations, adapting the jacket to their surroundings.

The lightest adventure jacket ever designed by SPIDI Safety Lab: safe but extremely lightweight, the Step-In Armor technology offers riders everything they need – protection, soft-shell and hard-shell – in a single garment.
The Step-In Armor technology is a project by SPIDI Safety Lab. Its team of experts is committed to integrating the success of SPIDI design with the most advanced solutions in the field of safety worldwide, without compromise.

The Mission-T Jacket

The first ever jacket integrating Step-In Armor technology is the Mission-T Jacket  (www.spidi.com/product/D238-341), featuring premium materials and components such as Dermizax® laminate, Level 2 protectors and bi-elastic soft shell for an unparalleled comfort in any weather condition.

The SPIDI Style

Since 1977, SPIDI has been delivering premium products for the motorsport lifestyle community, driven by a deep sense of responsibility in devising design solutions to protect riders on the road and by a constant strive for innovation to patent and integrate new and more efficient technology.

Style also plays an important part in SPIDI’s worldwide success. Designing premium quality garments with extreme levels of technology and an understated, fashion-oriented look is the challenge that the company has taken on with unwavering commitment and that will shape the future of the motorbike community.


Product link: www.spidi.com/product/D238-341

Availability: on stock

MSRP jacket: 599,90€/699,90US$

Jacket colors: Black, Ice/Black

Jacket sizes: S-3XL

Video link: https://vimeo.com/381879089