SPIDI launches a motorbike jacket to protect riders from urban pollution

The MISSION BETA concept-jacket integrates wearable technology to monitor air pollution and warn riders when they should be wearing a built-in respiratory mask. SPIDI is paving the way for a new era in riding gear design, focussed on the real-world challenges faced by riders in the 21st century.

Earlier this month, SPIDI launched a wearable tech jacket designed to help riders breathe, even when surrounded by vehicles during urban rush hour. The MISSION BETA concept-jacket is only one of the groundbreaking concepts of Mission Control, the research project that connects riders with their environment, enhancing their safety and sensorial experience.

Rethinking the approach

The motorbike clothing industry tends to see problems in terms of safety and comfort. SPIDI is pioneering a different way of thinking: it has chosen to take a step back and broaden its field of vision, beyond a single product or aspect, to the whole experience. 

Taking a scientific approach to motorcycle commuting, it calculated that urban commuters on a motorbike are exposed to urban pollution up to 100x more than car drivers and up to 10x more than bikers and walkers. Such a significant risk needed to be addressed and resolved.

The first active jacket for riders 

MISSION BETA is the first active jacket in the motorcycle world. SPIDI developed a sensor which detects the level of air pollution at unprecedented speed, providing real time data that is visualized on a display placed on the lower sleeve of the jacket. 

The position of the sensor is extremely important, also in light of its high sensitivity. The challenge was to place it on the neck, integrating it into the button closest to the respiratory tracts. SPIDI then designed an innovative, motorbike-specific anti-pollution mask system that is suitable for use with any kind of helmet.

SPIDI Mission Beta Concept Jacket

3 levels of feedback, 3 levels of protection.

The sensor has 3 levels of feedback: LOW, MID, and HIGH. At LOW level, no mask needs to be worn. At MID level, through monitor visuals and vibration, the jacket warns bikers that they should wear the mask. At HIGH level, through monitor visuals and vibration, the jacket advises riders to wear the mask and select the “alert mode”. Manually switching to this mode, users will deviate the inhalation airflow through higher protection filters and automatically open the exhalation valve in order to guarantee an optimal breathing resistance experience.

How it works

The “control panel”is integrated in the OLED display, placed at a safe point in the sleeve so as to avoid causing damage to the pilot or being damaged in case of a fall. As well as air pollution data, the system provides basic information such as date / time and measures the internal temperature of the jacket, suggesting on the OLED display the removal or addition of the thermal lining when the temperature is too high or too low.  

The system turns on and off automatically when it senses movement / stillness – it is completely independent and does not require pairing with an app. SPIDI’s mission is to provide riders with reliable safety devices that work in an effortless way. This is why they cannot be dependent on their compatibility with third-party software. More info at https://www.spidi.com/missioncontrol

Research and innovation

For over thirty years SPIDI has collaborated with Japanese company TORAY®, a world leader in research and development of waterproof and breathable performance materials. Alongside this great technological innovation, SPIDI continues to release the industry’s most advanced products and the pursuit of innovative systems, fabrics, and textiles has been a constant source of inspiration since the very beginning.

MISSION BETA concept-jacket is SPIDI’s latest concept jacket. It includes groundbreaking innovations, including passive external protection with the new waterproof H2OUT® material designed to resist corrosive agents found in urban environments, and a never-seen-before taping of the internal and external seams which is not only tougher than standard stitching and sealing, but also has the ability to stretch with the fabric when it’s being pulled around.

The SPIDI Style

Since 1977, SPIDI has been delivering premium products for the motorsport lifestyle community, driven by a deep sense of responsibility in devising design solutions to protect riders on the road and by a constant strive for innovation to patent and integrate new and more efficient technology. 

Style also plays an important part in SPIDI’s worldwide success. Designing premium quality garments with extreme levels of technology and an understated, fashion-oriented look is the challenge that the company has taken on with unwavering commitment and that will shape the future of the motorbike community.

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