SPIDI Warrior Technology applied to gloves

When SPIDI first introduced the Warrior technology, the goal was to realize the lightest yet most protective material in the motorcycle industry to be used for revolutionary back and chest protectors.
The basic idea in the SPIDI Safety Lab was to innovate the traditional hard shields with a surface able to follow the riders movements, supporting him during the ride and promoting an unparalleled comfort in the most difficult situations.

After testing many different compounds, designs and shapes, the solution came from a multi layered sandwich of materials, the first one of which is stiff and ment to spreads the initial shock, while the second and the third are progressively softer, in order absorb the energy of the impact.

Warrior Technology section

A section of the Warrior technology used in the EN1621-2 Lev.1 certified Compact Warrior protector.

The particular cubic surface shaping the inner and outer surface of Warrior protectors is able to absorb up to 20% more impact energy than a simple plain surface, while the softer inner surface has been also conceived in order to guarantee air circulation maintaining comfort, especially in warm climates.

Achieving these amazing results thanks to this particular technology drove SPIDI to a new idea; why not to develop a new, smarter and smaller version of the Warrior technology to be used in the SPIDI gloves range?

As for SPIDI tradition, the first studies and application were developed during the MotoGP and WSBK races, where our supported riders are able to push those technology to the very limits and to provide us the most accurate sensations.

In SPIDI we analyze all the crashed leathersuits, gloves and boots, to build an up to date inventory of tested solutions.

In SPIDI we analyze all the crashed leathersuits, gloves and boots, to build an up to date inventory of tested solutions.

To achieve this result, SPIDI had to re-invent its own masterpiece, designing a smaller cubic surface, innovating the materials and geometries, as well as improving the abrasion resistance of the outer shield. In fact the original Warrior technology was supposed to be applied to Back and Chest protectors only, whom doesn’t usually happen to slide at high speed on the tarmac

Once again the Safety Lab was called into question, and all the engineers staff went back and forth from the in-house laboratory to the test track.

The Safety Lab: SPIDI's in-house laboratory.

The Safety Lab: SPIDI’s in-house laboratory.

The very first glove featuring the Warrior technology was named Carbo Track, to remind of its race oriented ancestors.

Carbo Track represents Spidi’s excellence in the field of racing gloves. The result of 35 years of evolution, Carbo Track combines excellent fit and riding sensitivity with the highest levels of protection. This is the glove choosed by our riders competing in the major World Championships.

Technical features:

  • Full-grain leather, thickness 0.8 mm
    Areas in perforated leather
    Cowhide palm with Clarino® reinforcements
    Keramide lining for maximum abrasion and heat resistance
    Keramide stitchings
    Double stitchings on dangerous areas
    Reinforcements with Warrior technology applied on the entire side and over pinkie finger
    Carbon fiber shields on the knuckles, phalanges and metacarpus
    Special construction on the shield area for a better fitting and higher protection
    Knuckle protector with Dumper siliconic shock absorber insert
    Shock-absorbing padding
    Velcro strap for closure on the wrist
    Double Velcro closure on the forearm
Carbo Track symbolizes the continuous research and pursuit of motorcycle perfection.

Carbo Track symbolizes the continuous research and pursuit of motorcycle perfection.

Furthermore, the big demand for such an effective and efficient technolgy by the touring enthusiast worldwide, brought SPIDI to extend the use of the Warrior shields on many other products, for street and daily commuting. Once again, the MotoGP and WSBK races are the starting point of high quality productions.

SPIDI NK5 and X-GT are the latest evolution of Warrior technolgy applied to street riders. In these latest models, the Warrior shield has changed its characteristic once again, aiming to closer range impact instead of the long slides on the asphalt typical of the trackdays accidents. Different compound have been used for such a protector, while the basic concept however was still the same.

The ideal companion for motorcycle riding in extreme climate condiitions, Spidi NK5 introduces a new technology that increases comfort, waterproofness and insulation: Outdry®

A stretch lamination of the outer shell, which provides a great shelter from wind and water. Another strength of the Outdry® technology is the reduction of the volume inside the glove, while Primaloft® wadding gives a very high quality level of insulation. Through the use of capacitive material on the fingertips, the use of smartphones and GPS navigators become easy and practical.

  • Technical features:
    Goat leather palm
    200gr Primaloft®
    Aluminum lamination
    Knuckles protector in polyurethane
    Fleece and microfleece lining
    Flex zones on the knuckles to ensure the right position of the protector
    Reflex inserts
    Anti undermining lace
    Warrior protection on the palm
    Drawstring on the sleeve
    Capacitive material inserts for touch screen monitors
Spidi NK5: the most advanced travel companion on your winter rides.

Spidi NK5: the most advanced travel companion on your winter rides.

Completely devoted to warm and hot weather, Spidi X-GT is a lightweight dual sport glove, made with a mix of elastic fabrics, goat leather, neoprene and microfibers.

The flexible Warrior technology protectors on the back, palm and fingers, combined with the ventilated knuckles shields, provide great safety and comfort.

  • Technical features:
    Elastic fabric
    0.7mm goat leather
    Neoprene details
    Microfiber details
    Powertech vented knuckles shield
    Vented Warrior technology protectors on palm, back and fingers
    Side reinforcements
    Palm padding
SPIDI X-GT: the adventure in your fingertips

SPIDI X-GT: the adventure in your fingertips.

This is just the beginning of a new era, where multi-compounds materials are used alternately to increase the safety and comfort of the motorcycle apparel. The Warrior technology will keep changing end evolving itself, to better suits the needs of modern motorcycling.

To find out the latest applications of the Warrior technology visit www.spidi.com.