Warrior Technology

Spidi introduced first ever Warrior in 2002, with a patented technology that represented a new standard in rider protection: lighter and more comfortable than any other protector in the market. After years of development and tuning, Warrior has been improved so much, it now covers external areas of […]


Ducati Scrambler is going to represent an icon in a new land for old and new bikers all around the world. The next trend is exploring the past through a light and functional vision of innovation; in other words, to live many experiences in the land of joy. On […]


Spidi debuts in jeanswear and launches SPIDIDENIM, a new highly functional fashion-driven denim line for men and women. As reported by Sportswear International Magazine, “the Italian company created an innovative collection characterized by the same great features that are intrinsic to its core business – high-tech and highly functional, comfortable […]

SPIDI – Urban Motorsport Collection

// urban  Line breaks:urban Pronunciation:/ˈəːb(ə)n 1.In, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city: the urban population Once again, Spidi sets the trend in Urban Motorcycle Wear. Softest Italian leather, ultimate designs, a clever research in accessories, fabrics and materials to give riders the maximum comfort and style. A unique […]


Shoei Helmets is one of those brands you should know if you are a serious rider. Since the 50’s the Japanese company has been a benchmark in the motorcycle helmets industry. Even today, SHOEI manufactures all helmets in Japan, even though production costs are much higher then any […]


With 1000 tanneries and 700 years of heritage, the Vicenza “leather district”, located in North-East Italy, represents an excellent example of business development through the centuries. Thanks to a perfect geographic location at the foot of the mountains, rivers flowing and peaceful countryside, the industry started in late […]


Introducing the second generation MP3 this week in Paris, Piaggio‘s Mr. Roberto Colaninno talked about his research strategy over the future mobility. “We began a collaboration with Harvard and MIT to understand how the mobility will be in the next 10 years. We must redefine the concept of […]

The Motorbike Gloves History Book

The story of Spidi began in the garage of Renato Dalla Grana; Spidi’s founder. Like most Italian business stories, Spidi began in 1977 with a strong passion. Renato’s passion for speed on two wheels is where he noticed a need to improve safety for riders and created the […]


The Making Of: The Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket from Aether Apparel on Vimeo. Inspired by SPIDI’s renowned custom MotoGP gear and a shared appreciation for both technical performance and design, Los Angeles apparel company AETHER teamed up with the Italian motorsport brand to create the Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket. Designed by AETHER and […]

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