Spidi meets Design Day 4: Deus Ex Machina and Quartiere Isola

As Milan Design Week is cutting off, we’re back home to take care about latest reports from Aragon World Superbike Round –  Spidi rider Marco Melandri claimed another podium – just before leaving for next MotoGP event in Austin, Texas. Right before getting back on the road we passed by some “magical” windows displaying some renowned CR&S and Headbanger Special Motorcycles: we suddenly decided to stop over Quartiere Isola in Milan, a popular location for world famous customizers such as Officine Mermaid and Deus Ex Machina. It was a good opportunity to shoot Spidi Ace Leather Jacket on the unique Alloy W650 Cafe MKI.

Spidi Deus Ex Machina

Spidi Ace Leather jacket/ Deus Ex Machina © Spidi Sport SRL

Spidi Ace Leather Jacket , made of an extremely soft 0,8 mm sheep leather, is a masterpiece in the Spidi Custom Collection, studied to give to biker comfort and  feeling without compromise.

Photo by Francesco Zigliotto/ Copyright Spidi Sport SRL

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