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Scottish Waxed Cotton X Spidi

We introduce  the 2014 Spidi Waxed Cotton line.

Spidi Worker Wax

Spidi Worker Wax

This jacket represents a big step forward for Spidi in terms of capability of mixing high technology, old tradition and style.
When we started thinking about the “Worker” project, our designers received the input of getting in the right equipment a man riding a 70’s sport-touring bike (such as a Honda CB 350 four or a Triumph Bonneville) all across Europe, in a lonely Autumn ride through the capitals, from Rome to London passing by Paris and Munich.

Spidi Worker Wax liner

Spidi Worker Wax liner

Designers came up with this fantastic 3-layers 4-pockets middle-size jacket and everybody in Spidi liked it.
But something was missing…the original fabric had to be something very old style, but very performing.
They left the project on hold for 2 years and suddenly one of our chief designers met a Scottish guy from Halley Stevenson, a company producing waxed cotton only in Scotland since 1864: the combination was done!

Spidi Motocombat Wax

Those guys are amazing, not only they treat and finish, but also they construction the cotton yarns starting from the raw. Waxed Cotton is an original performance fabric – beginning life over 200 years ago with sailcloth cloaks created to provide protection on the worlds’ oceans. Right after this experience we decided to use the same material to remake a Spidi classic: the Spidi Motocombat, an evergreen designed in 2001 by Aldo Drudi and still an incomparable piece of design, sold worldwide as THE motorcycle field jacket.

Spidi Motocombat

Spidi Motocombat – 2001 Aldo Drudi Sketch

The result was just great, the atmosphere is classic and vintage but the features are – as always for Spidi – first level.

Spidi Motocombat Wax

Spidi Motocombat Wax – The classic Motocombat remade with Scottish Waxed Cotton

Several on-track tests have proven very positive results in terms of waterproofness, combining Waxed Cotton and Spidi H2Out waterproof and breathable membrane.

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