Maurizio Zaupa is an Italian fashion designer known for its successful experience in designing trousers and denim collections for the most prestigious brands. He joined the Spidi Denim Project since the very beginning.

 What is the origin of the Spidi Denim collection?

There was a need for a new product line that preserves the aesthetic of the most current and popular garment all time (the Denim jeans) re-designed, however, starting from other priorities, with the aim of combining the practicality and elegance of the daily use with materials, treatments, details that are the result of the experience of a Company accustomed to give priority to the functionality, the comfort and the safety.


What was the source of inspiration?

On entering the premises of the company there is a hallway with the suits of the official MotoGP and SBK riders. They bear the marks of the falls and the struggles that the competitions involve. I have immediately compared them to the traditional samurai armour (tradition and innovation) apparently so distant but, never like now, so close. The fusion of denim authenticity with the technical world of Spidi gives life to contemporary and unfamiliar garments with the task of not having seasonality and with the ambition to stay “over the trends”.


How were you involved with an experience so new and apparently far from your world?

In truth it was a very easy project, given from Spidi’s propensity to innovate; it was enough to turn around the company, among the R&D offices, to easily understand that you are in front of very high performance skills, daily engaged in innovative projects. I could not remain indifferent to all this, also because of my great passion for the two wheels.

Spidi as a Company slightly different from the fashion standard?

I see Spidi as a team, that has as a guide a manager – Nicola Dalla Grana – with very clear ideas; a team accustomed to challenges and true competitions.

You can preview the Spidi Denim collection here.

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