With 1000 tanneries and 700 years of heritage, the Vicenza “leather district”, located in North-East Italy, represents an excellent example of business development through the centuries. Thanks to a perfect geographic location at the foot of the mountains, rivers flowing and peaceful countryside, the industry started in late ‘400. Since the 70’s the area has been selected as a premium supplier from automotive, clothing and furniture industry around the world. Nowadays American and German car companies or French and Italian high fashion top brands constantly visit the area for a never ending research of the best color, softness, resistance and touch of their next premium car seat, catwalk pouch bag or world-cup sport shoes.

Leather Tannery district in Vicenza area - Italy

Leather Tannery district in Vicenza area – Italy

The barrels rotors (drums) are the main machinery of the tanning industry; made in extremely strong woods like the Iroko, as durable as Teak but with better performance in terms os flexibility, these huge drums contain up to 5000 pounds of raw skins. They feature bronze frame door with stainless steel, cast iron bearings and single or double speed engines.
Tannery Drums