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SPIDI introduced reinforced jeans for motorcycle use in 1994. At that time, motorcycle trousers were synonymous for bulky and heavy nylon or leather pants. Understanding what riders really were looking for (comfort, safety) resulted in SPIDI J&K, the most important innovation in riding denim jeans. First SPIDI denim jeans was reinforced with Kevlar® panels, really strong for abrasion but warmer and thicker. Afterwards Kevlar® and other textile fibers such as Cordura® were directly merged into the fabric, creating one-layer abrasion resistant denim quite light and easy to wear. The ultimate composite fabric in SPIDI denim jeans collection is cotton – Dyneema®.


Dyneema® is the ultra-lightweight fiber up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40-percent stronger than aramid fiber weight for weight. Properties of Dyneema® enhance all aspect of classic denim: durability, protection and comfort, being supple and soft to the touch. J&Dyneema model is prEN 17092: 2017 class AA certified.