The first ever SPIDI Test and Ride successfully registered 50 contestants from 20 European countries to test the new SPIDI 4Season H2Out kit, which was supplied free courtesy of each contestant’s local SPIDI dealer.

The SPIDI 4Season H2Out kit was put to the test, crossing 60 nations and covering a total of more than 300,000 kms. Every conceivable weather condition was encountered – from icy Cappadocia to a torrid Andalus summer.

Each rider’s journey was documented on Instagram, showcasing the challenging SPIDI Test and Ride adventure to millions of motorcyclists (and aspiring motorcyclists) around the world. The riders ventured down ancient  Kyrghizistan roads, they traversed Iceland highways between volcanoes in Landmannalaugar, they touched the Fjords of Norway, the Moroccan deserts, and the 5,000 meters high Pamir’s pass.

The photographs from this remarkable adventure from across Europe and its neighboring countries highlight the spectacular natural wonders of some of the most beautiful places on Earth, all seen from the saddle of a motorcycle.

Spanish rider Juan Noguerol (sponsored by Vigo SPIDI dealer Sport Pasion) won the contest, riding from Galicia to Baden Baden;  he tested his SPIDI 4Season Suit in exceptional conditions including water skiing and flying in mid-air in a vertical wind tunnel. Juan has been nominated a SPIDI Brand Ambassador, thus giving him the opportunity to set out on even more spectacular adventures.

A special mention must also be given to Italian rider Lorenzo Viola (dealer: Valli Moto, Lissone) for the Best Picture, and to Turkish rider Ogun Kaptanoglu (dealer Mototal, Instanbul) for the Best Route.